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2 Digital Hustles Creative Black Men Can Use To Make Money On The Internet.

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Digital Hustles Black Men Make Money

There’s no better time than right now for black men to make money on the internet by catering to the African American online community.

I’ve recently come across many informative articles that disclose the rising statistics of how Black Americans are ruling the the internet and driving change through their online engagement.

For any African American Man aspiring to make money using the internet, these stats should act as confirmation that the digital platform is ripe for harvest and more and more black entrepreneurs are beginning to reap the benefits.

Black Women, in particular, are shaking up the status quo of African American consumerism and forcing all to take notice.

Their influence on buying trends was coined as “The ecomonic engine of the black community”, in a recent study covered by Ebony.

So take note fellas, when it comes to serving the Black Community… Ladies First!

Now that you’re aware of the massive potential of using the internet to reach the African American community, let’s jump into some digital hustles you can use to make money.

1) Start A Niche Based Blog About A Black Topic.

Writing a blog may not have ranked at the top of your list for making money, but it is one of the most popular ways to build a followership and produce income.

In fact, I believe this year there will be an enormous influx of Black Men bloggers on the internet.

One of the reasons is because I’m beginning to see certain groups and individuals on social media communities making a direct call for Black Male Bloggers.

There are even a few Brothers who are laying the groundwork by providing a community for Black Male content creators to connect.

Black Men Who Blog states that they are “Creating a platform for Black Male content creators and entrepreneurs to network, mentor, and promote one another.”

If you ask me, this is a big leap in the right direction.

Your voice WANTS to be heard Black Man! The net is in dire need for more content written by Black Men. And it’s time that we speak our piece, share our views, and add flava to the mix.

As for the money that could be made blogging… It’s UNLIMITED!

If you put in the work and treat it as a business, your blog can pull in profits from advertising, affiliate programs (commissions from other people’s products), and eventually the sale of your own products.

I won’t go into the amount of money you can make here, but if you’d like to see what other bloggers are earning just do a quick search of “Blog Income Reports” and be amazed by professional bloggers who are pocketing $10,000+ per month.

What Could You Blog About?

With your black centric blog you’re going to want to select a specific niche topic that’s going to of interest to Black Americans.

Blogs with a singular focus tend to perform significantly better than ones that are random and pointless.

For instance you could blog about; “solutions that could empower the black family”, “tips & ideas for raising our black sons”,”strategies for coaching black youth”, etc.

Those are just a few ideas, but ultimately your blog should reflect your own interests and talents.

If you’d like more information on setting up and starting your own blog take a look at my post on How To Start A Business Blog.

2) Affiliate Programs & Referral Marketing

By far one of my favorite and most lucrative methods for making money on the internet is affiliate marketing.

If you’re unaware of what affiliate marketing is, it’s when you essentially become a salesman for companies that have products online.

These companies allow you to sign up free of charge, give you a unique and trackable link and pay you a flat or percentage based commission for any sale or lead you generate.

Currently, at the time of writing of this post, there are not many black owned companies with affiliate programs.

That’s extremely unfortunate and MUST change soon, because as more Black Americans begin setting up their blogs and media outlets online, having an affiliate program could add serious revenue to a companies bottom line.


Outside of black owned businesses most companies large and small offer some sort of affiliate or referral program allowing you to make money from their products / services.

You can also join an affiliate network, like Commission Junction, ShareASale, Clickbank, Flexoffers and many others that actively manages affiliate programs for multiple businesses.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs.

Once you’ve partnered with one or more affiliate products you’d like to promote, the next step is to share your unique link with a prospective group of purchasers.

As I mentioned above, the best way to share your link is by writing blog posts thoroughly reviewing your targeted product.

Letting your readers know, “Hey, I gave this product a shot, it worked great and you should give it a shot too”, is genuine and will entice clicks to your link.

Alternatively you can share your link by writing short articles on Facebook, answering relative questions on Quora, create a video on YouTube or write guest posts on websites covering topics that fit the industry of your product.

The more exposure your link has online, the opportunity you’ll have for clicks and in turn sales.

I can’t stand spam and I’m sure you feel the same way. So wherever you decide to drop your link, make sure it’s tasteful. People can read your motives and will immediately click off your messages if they feel you’re just trying to make a sale.

Whatever medium you choose to share your affiliate link, if you take the time to build rapport and trust with your audience they’ll appreciate your sincerity and will be more likely to follow your suggestions.

Create Your Own Digital Product & Affiliate Program.

The second, and most definitely the most profitable, method to make money with affiliate marketing is to create your own digital products.

And as you may have guessed… More profitable does mean MORE WORK.

It’s not more complicated, it just takes a little more upfront planning and preparation.

Let Me Clarify What A Digital Product Is…

Wikipedia says that “digital products are intangible goods that exist in digital form.”

I personally like to throw in the word “packaged”, in that the product is completely produced in it’s FULL form prior to its sale.

Examples of a digital product are ebooks, courses, webinars, online events, and anything that allows the purchaser to get FULL ACCESS upon delivery.

As with blogs, a digital product must be niche specific. Its topic must appeal to a targeted group of people who have interest in the subject.

I delve a little further into creating digital products in my post for Black Digital Marketers. Here I’d like to stay the course on how you can amp up your income by adding an affiliate program to your digital product.

Above I explained how partnering with other companies to sell their products can earn you commissions.

Having your own digital product available for others to sell can exponentially explode your profits!

Let’s say your an affiliate for another company and you  get paid $10 for each sell you make.

If you make 100 sells you’ll earn a cool $1000! Not bad…

Now what if you created your own digital product, made the same $10 from a sell and had just 10 people who each produced 100 sells for you. Can you say… $10,000!

That right there is LEVERAGE fellas. Getting other people to help you make more money.

Obviously this only works if you’ve invested time and effort into developing a kick butt product.

You can’t just throw together a sloppy product to make a quick buck. But as I said in the beginning of this post, the market is ripe and ready for digital products catering to Black consumers.

Want to learn more making money on the internet with digital products, events and more? Download my free ebook The Event Entrepreneur.

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