Yoonla Evolve Review Make Money
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Alright, there’s been a whole lot of noise about it, Yoonla Evolve Review this. Yoonla Review that, I think I’d like to share my own objective review on this.

I hope you will be open-minded as I am when you are done reading this review.

Before I go on, let me quickly do a little Yoonla101 with you guys, basically, Yoonla is an online platform where you can make money, it shows starters the avenues money can be made from while using affiliate marketing and what is known as CPA Marketing (A CPA is kind of marketing where users are paid even when no sale is made) that means whether anything is sold or not, you get paid.

So, what is Yoonla all about, really? Thing is, it’s a kind of two-tiered CPA based affiliate marketing website or a platform where one can make money through either:

1. Someone signing up using your affiliate link (the one you shared)

2. Or, if any of the people who signed in using your links upgrades to VIP member

That’s what Yoonla is really about. Thing is, you need to know the founder of this organization (Yoonla) before you start making money through the platform.

Now that we know what I’m talking about, let’s go to what I really think about this platform, I mean there are so many questions about this platform that really needs an answer, questions like is it real? or is it just another hoax where innocent people like us who want to make a living while surfing through the internet get abused and duped?

Well, like any other platform where you plan to make money from, you need to invest, Yoonla, guys, is not free, in fact you need to have your own website, an autoresponder and a site hosting platform, coupled with that, you’ll need Lead Pages, a Capture page that the owner of the Platform uses.

To know if this is real or fake, we need to understand how the owner of this platform generates income, like, how does he make profit from this whole platform, well, the answer to that is, remember I told you that Yoonla is not free, that you’d need to get the Lead Page, Capture Page and some other products, well turns out these things belong to Reno the owner of the platform, so that’s how he makes his own money – Ok, now we know that.

So, what I really think is, is it a scam? No, it’s not, though there are some serious, I mean very serious scams out there, Yoonla isn’t one of them. But be careful, with the hype surrounding the Platform and the owner of this Platform who talks everyday about making Six figures from this, well that might be true for him, but I don’t think that would be really possible, and even if it was, you’d need serious work to do that, I mean, serious work.

The Payout structure is something to talk about too, the Minimum payout for Yoonla still stays at $200. You get paid through Paypal and Paypal only. Yes, it doesn’t look like he is planning to integrate another payment method.


Yea, there is one positive thing about it,

  • It’s a quick way to getting your own email list


What don’t I like?

  • The Over reliance on paid traffic (not even free)

  • You don’t get to have any form of SEO training

  • Terrible affiliate marketing training

In the end, its really about the positive review we’ve always read online, judging by that, it won’t be bad if you give it a try. But you have to be patient, this platform is still in its early stage.

Sadly, the only people who would make six figures from this platform would be the owner/owners of Yoonla.

So, think about it too.

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