Author: Devin Dozier

Importance of Digital Marketing and Local Events for Small Business.

Understanding the importance of digital marketing today is imperative to enticing new customers to your business. Having a thoroughly designed digital marketing process can provide your business the leverage needed to obtain new customers and establish trustworthy relationships. But for small businesses serving local markets, the digital marketing process should consist of laser focused steps that […]

Event Marketing… 3 Reasons Why Martinsburg Businesses Need It. recently conducted a special survey/campaign to learn more about what type of events residents would like to see in the Eastern Panhandle. I wanted to share these results with you because I feel the information we received can help you greatly in gaining more customers for your business. Overall, the campaign reached over 20,733 […]

Create Promotional Page and Win New Customers For Your Business!

A website is a magnificent tool for displaying detailed information about your business and services, but it can not “close the deal” like a well designed promotional landing page. When you’re ready to win new sales for your business and turn prospects into customers, you’re going to want to create a promotional page designed to […]

Martinsburg’s Top 5 Event Ideas For 2017-2018. Make Your Pick?

In a recent social survey, by, we asked 100 local Martinsburg residents to vote for their favorite of 5 event ideas presented by local event organizers. Our goal was to gain valuable insights on the types of events residents in Martinsburg WV, and the Eastern Panhandle area would enjoy attending. Not only did we […]

4 Benefits of An Aggressive Product Launch Landing Page Campaign

Why put up a product launch landing page instead of focusing on building your website? This is a question that gets asked a lot. Pre-launch landing pages go the distance in ensuring a successful launch before a project is formally live. By being aggressive and using the cost effective marketing options you have, like social […]

How to get google reviews and improve local business ranking.

When a consumer is looking to purchase a product or service online, their ability to tell whether the company they are purchasing from is reputable or not is limited. Since the consumer is dealing with a website, rather than a personal face-to-face transaction, sometimes they are unaware of the companies reputation until they actually buy […]

How to Sell Effectively Online: Landing Pages and Email Marketing

The low entry barrier has made it possible for anyone to start up an online business. Unfortunately, though, many don’t make it. In fact, many sources reveal that approximately 90 percent of new online businesses close up shop within the first four months.   Although many reasons are cited for business failure, quite a few […]

The Importance Of Email Marketing For Business.

Advertising without email marketing is similar to throwing darts without tips, there’s nothing to make it stick. Email marketing campaigns are essential for building loyalty, trust and brand awareness. They’re also responsible for tremendously increasing the return on investment of your advertising. In recent years there’s been much debate on the importance of email marketing […]

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