In an effort to ignite the production of family-friendly media created by and for the people of the Eastern Panhandle; ULiveWV has partnered with GetResponse, CreatorUp and WritersStore to empower the development of community inspired entertainment.

ULiveWV, a community media development company serving the Eastern Panhandle of WV, is accepting local business sponsors whose support will qualify them to participate in a unique entertainment marketing program.

Centered around software provided by GetResponse, small business owners, and sales professionals will be able to capture new customers by automating their marketing with custom designed sales landing pages, email marketing, and other effective follow-up marketing tools.

For a $99 per month sponsorship fee and the cost of a GetResponse plan, owners can have an entire entertainment marketing system alongside videos, short films, photography, shows and other online media created by talented residents of the Eastern Panhandle.

Revenue generated through business sponsorships will be used to compensate resident freelancers for their contribution to individual projects.

So not only are businesses being included in an exceptional marketing program, they’ll also be credited for helping to employ local residents.

This approach to community developed entertainment & media heightens the possibility of various projects going viral socially throughout the Panhandle. A remarkable way for business owners to introduce themselves to the family, friends and followers of residents contributing to media development.

ULiveWV has also partnered with CreatorUp! and WritersStore as suppliers of online education relevant to the skill sets needed for this and future campaigns.

CreatorUp is a training portal for filmmakers of all levels. The site offers high-quality instruction on techniques essential to small town video production. CreatorUp makes learning to produce professional videos convenient and attainable for anyone with a little ambition.

In addition, WritersStore provides an overabundance of resources for creative writers. With WritersStore residents can gain the knowledge needed to write screenplays, comedy scripts, TV shows and much more.

ULiveWV is looking forward to orchestrating the collaboration between businesses and residents for the development of digital entertainment & media in the Eastern Panhandle.

We all know the important role that media plays in society. Technology has finally given the people of small communities the availability to interpret media independently for the benefit of their own people.

With enough support, ULiveWV could help usher in an entirely new perspective on the entertainment industry; one that’s a whole lot closer to home.

This is just the beginning… The internet has spurred many trends in which savvy business owners and residents could multiply their income streams. It’s simply a matter of putting them into action. And what better time than now?

For more information please visit our Community Entertainment & Media launch page or contact us at