Performing paid assignments as simple as sharing links on blogs and social medium is the easiest and quickest way to earn money on the Internet. All you need is a computer and a desire to make money.

You will receive payment for each click on the link you share on social networks, blogs or forums, for reposts and retweets and just for visiting sites. All you need is to support communication.

The scheme of earning on the Internet is very simple, you create an account on verify your account, get paid to share links and money can be withdrawn on Mondays using PayPal.


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  • Exchange of comments and social promotion: Promote site links, to groups in social networks, videos on YouTube with the help of comments and feedback.
  • Independent SEO site promotion : search engine optimization of the site links consists of links and mentions of your site links you want to promote on topical resources on blogs and group and certainly you will earn money by promoting links on
  • Promotion in social networks is a mention of your site links on social networks through a set of likes, tweets, mentions through social buttons. Set users into groups and promotion on YouTube .
  • Post SEO articles: add optimized articles to the blogs and get search traffic! Subject links to articles, as well as referrals to these links, have a beneficial effect on search engine rankings and traffic to the link you are promoting and you will get paid a lot more.
  • Use groups on Facebook and Google+

Find relevant groups and communities in your search, post your comments and posts with referral links there. The main thing is that your answers have to be informative, help to find the answer to the user and they will definitely click on your link and you will get paid on

Please note that sometimes you will not be able to leave comments just like that until you subscribe or join the groups. 


Another effective way to get paid to promote a link and earn money is targeted advertising on Facebook. To start working with it is also simple – click the appropriate section “Advertising”. Enter the link you want to promote and get paid and start configuring the campaign.

You can also set the parameters of the target audience as accurately as possible (specify age, location, interests, etc.).

Pay attention to the budget settings. I advise you to set the budget per day and be sure to specify the start and end date of the campaign. So you can limit the number of impressions and use the budget as efficiently as possible.