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& Locally Grown Media!
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influence media has on our society is monumental. The television alone has revolutionized the way people see themselves and the world around them.

Our beliefs, the decisions we make, how we relate with others, the products we buy, are all influenced by media.

Research has shown that mass media has done more to influence public opinion over anything else.  Many of us, as well as our children, would love to meet, at least, one “star” we’ve seen on TV or mainstream media.

Big LCD panel with television stream images and remonte control in hand

Our minds have been engraved with lines from our favorite movies and catchy commercial jingles.

Everyone over the age of 20 can probably fill in this blank, “I don’t want to grow up because I’m a ___________ kid.”

The ideals we’ve accepted from popular media have transformed our world.

As a result, we’ve had to deal with the corresponding consequences that different forms of mass media have made on local communities.

Local small businesses are being laid to rest by large corporations and franchises. Our children idolize actors, musicians and other national personalities who aren’t necessarily the best role models.

But nothing is more apparent than the fact that, as mass media continues to grow globally, local communities are slowly diminishing and becoming less important in the lives of many residents.

How many of us know more about countries across the globe than our own community?

ULiveWV, Providing a Positive Alternative for the Panhandle.

If media holds such an enormous amount of power, why shouldn’t small towns embrace it to help build their communities?

Having a “community channel” for a small town would be an invaluable tool for the growth of its residents.

ULiveWV is a project in development to become the “community channel” for the Eastern Panhandle. In a collaboration between resident freelance workers and local organizations we’ll work to create videos, articles and other forms of entertaining media.

Our vision is to create an online source for media where locals can be entertained by inspirational content produced by residents and freelancers of the Eastern Panhandle.

The untold stories of the people, places and organizations in the Panhandle can easily be shared on ULiveWV as a way to help support charitable causes, entertain local fans, build relationships, recognize achievement and inspire our youth.

The “stars” will be our very own family members, friends and neighbors. That’s why we call it 100% Organic & Locally Grown Media!

We Need YOUR Help.

The success of ULiveWV will require the collaboration of the ENTIRE Panhandle community. There are many ways for you to support the growth of ULiveWV. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Become a freelance worker – Use your talent(s), contribute your ideas and help us create unique video productions, events, articles and more.
  • Submit your Panhandle story – Tell us what makes you a proud resident of the Panhandle. You’ll never know how your story could impact the lives of others.
  • Help create projects – Contribute new project ideas or support current projects through sponsorship.
  • Make a donation – Donations help us pay our freelancers for the work they provide. Every dollar helps. Thank you.
  • Follow & Share – The greatest way to show your support is to become a fan! Join our email list to receive exclusive updates, special announcements and new content.